More and more people are blazing paths that are new and have not been followed before either by themselves or someone else. It is all very exciting what might have worked in business or in our relationships before may not work any longer. Many people want more out of their lives, how they spend their days, and who they spend it with and how. Our communication and listening skills, how we connect to one another and our willingness to be open and transparent will make all the difference for our fulfillment and our financial results.

As we are continuingly entering new times we are faced with amazing challenges as we tend to our own health as well as the soul of a troubled world. We are pioneers learning compassion for self, society, and the earth. Marilyn’s trainings are for people from all walks of life who feel the calling to be responsible for their inner work while making social contributions that improve our work environments and our homes.

Each training is specially designed for the need of the organization or entity. The trainings will have an immediate impact on how the participants communicate, lead, guide, and produce results.  Skills and strategies learned will translate into powerful communications both on a personal level and a professional level enabling better understanding and more effective team/community building.

Participants will learn how to balance and integrate various professional styles of communicating by expanding their relationship management, vision, and results. Attendees will experience a renewed vitality in their communication at work and at home.

Listening is the key ingredient to be integrated by organizations and their staff in order to transform the organizational culture into one that fosters acceptance, support and empowerment in order to achieve a shared goal.

Each training designed will focus on listening and communication skills are organized around experiential exercises, discussions and lecture that will teach the tools necessary for effective listening and is suitable for anyone in your organization including the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Team Building including conflict resolution and relationship management
  • Personal growth and development
  • Networking for internal and external use
  • The first question to ask is how can listening develop leadership skills and improve the dynamics of a leadership team?
  • How would our marketing and sales improve by how we listen, what are we listening for and what do we do with what we hear?

According to the International Listening Association, 45% of our time is actually spent listening, while we are distracted, preoccupied, or forgetful 75% of that time.

The adult attention span averages twenty-two seconds and right after listening to someone we usually recall about half of what we’ve actually heard. Within a few hours we remember about 20%.

– Less than 5% of adults have had actual listening skills training.

– How many of you have been taught to speak? How many of you have been taught to listen?

– When surveyed, organizational and business leaders rated listening as the most important skill for their companies.

– While Listening is [100%] of effective communication, high schools and colleges offer courses in public speaking but nothing is available in “public” listening.

– Do the dynamics of your organization promote effective communication for achieving its goals?

– Are you interested in improving your sales and your bottom line?

– Is “getting everyone on the same page” a concern in your organization?

– Do you feel some people are not giving 100% and you don’t know why?

– Do projects typically start well and then bog down in miscommunications and broken agreements?

– Do you want to take your staff to the next level?

– Is your staff becoming diverse and misunderstandings are occurring?

If you are a business, nonprofit or government agency leader and are interested in offering your staff an opportunity to improve their skills, have a cohesive work environment, create communication miracles at work, improve the bottom line and make a positive difference in the lives of the people you work with.  Contact Marilyn for further information.