Many people are familiar with the concept of coaching. It’s well recognized in sports and has emerged in business, relationship and in clinical situations. Coaching respects who the client is and what he/she knows while taking him/her from goal to goal, level to level, and heart to heart. As a coach Marilyn promotes the highest best for each client while always encouraging self-discovery, encouraging personal and professional excellence by helping her clients become more aware of and responsible for their actions and reactions. Coaching nurtures authenticity, self-discovery, personal and professional fulfillment, personal excellence, collaborative relationships, and personal transformation.  That’s why she’s very excited to share a special offer with you!

Work With Marilyn to Harness the Power of Your Voice:
An Exclusive Three-In-One Public Speaking, Marketing and Productivity Program of Individualized Coaching

One of the most exciting wonders of our universe is our voice.  The more we practice public speaking the more we enjoy our personal and professional lives.  Are you ready to write your book?  It’s your time.

Together, we will walk through a 2-month public speaking, marketing and productivity program that will help you:

  • Know who you are and fine tune your message;
  • Establish your tag line, 30-second elevator speech, and 10-minute presentation (beginning, middle, and ending);
  • Incorporate the use of your body, tone, and your message for more effective and confident communications; and
  • Set your marketing plan and your what’s next.

Participants are offered:

  • Eight confidential, personal one-on-one, hour-long sessions via Zoom or Skype for 2 months;
  • Personalized lessons and activities to enhance your learning; and
  • Additional access to Marilyn, when needed, during the 2 months.

Registration is limited.

Program Cost:  $1200 for a 2 month Adventure!

Payment options:  Pay in Full Now and Save!  Cost:   $1099 ($100 off)

Pay in Installments: Pay $650 beginning of first month:  $600/ final payment due by the beginning of second month



 Marilyn always tells her clients that she coaches ethically because she has lived a life. She has had all sorts of personal experiences with successes of her own as well as what Marilyn calls oops or lessons learned from her own near misses and yuck. She believes that the best coaches are those that have lived their own lives, have had triumphs and also personal experiences that have taught them the challenges and the opportunities that life has in store. Some have held Marilyn up and some have brought her to her knees. And because of all of that she has a sense of what life means and what is available to us when we are authentic and listen deeply. Marilyn’s coaching style is spiritual in nature and holistic taking into account the whole person. Therefore she works with her clients in all areas of life and business; it’s all about life anyway. Her specialties include career, business, relationship, couple, family, executive coaching, communications, conflict, and listening. Marilyn is warm, energetic, positive, and funny. She sees dreams, and she sees the paths and the strategies to accomplish those dreams. Together you can focus on specific actions, desires, and feelings. Marilyn have the pleasure of working with men, women, teens, families, couples and businesses and am delighted to have the opportunity to get to know her clients deeply and have them know me.

Marilyn provides coaching for her clients through a one-on-one partnership or group coaching either via telephone, skype or in person and she encourages her clients to contact me between sessions via phone, text, or email to discuss whatever is happening in their lives as needed. We can accomplish so much in a moment. Marilyn does not charge for those times. Marilyn and her clients are partners and she find this approach deepens the process. She will assist you with your web site content, flyers, marketing materials, letters, presentations, speeches, relationship issues or anything else that requires you expressing your nature. We want you out there as your authentic self.

Thank you for considering partnering with Marilyn on your journey. She looks forward to the adventure with you.