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Do you know your life’s purpose? Are you fully present and able to enjoy your life experiences? Are you trapped by problems … even some that you created? If any of these questions speak to you, or if you simply feel you are missing something, Marilyn Shannon can help.

Marilyn helps people in many ways.

  • Life, Relationships, Business & Career Coaching
  • Company Training, Team Building, Problem Solving & Leadership Workshops
  • Keynote Speaking & Motivational Presentations
  • Life Lessons in Books & Webcast Interviews

In her experiences as a counselor, consultant, journalist and facilitator, Marilyn has learned that the answers to our life challenges lie within us. The key to finding them begins by listening deeply. For many of us, the noise and distractions of the outside world, and within our own self-administered turmoil prevent us from actually accomplishing this task.

We invite you to spend time on the website and benefit from Marilyn’s insights. Then please reach out to talk about the ways you can benefit by connecting with Marilyn.


Marilyn is dazzling, engaging, and full of intriguing messages so your audiences will leave you
feeling inspired and ready to have a life full of results.


Marilyn works with individuals or corporations. She encourages results, self-discovery and visions by helping her client become more aware of and responsible for their actions and reactions while enjoying their life every step of the way.


In Just One Afternoon is a series of intimate stories that gives a voice to groups of individuals and will fill your heart with love and compassion. The books are easy to read and very enjoyable.

In Just One Afternoon

Marilyn utilizes her interviewing expertise and listening skills in writing a book series called, In Just One Afternoon – Listening into the Hearts of …   Each book provides readers/listeners with a gift of self-discovery. They gain personal insights and learn lessons from Marilyn’s guests and lives they’ve led.

Marilyn’s first book, In Just One Afternoon – Listening Into The Hearts of Men is available on Amazon. It’s a collection of inspiring stories shared by men about their lives, secrets and challenges, and how they found themselves emotionally. The next book in the series, In Just One Afternoon – Listening into the Hearts of Twins is available for pre-order.

Breaking Free Weekly Internet Show

Each week Marilyn interviews inspiring people, and covers a wide range of topics, from life and spirituality to business and entrepreneurship. Watch the live internet show here on Mondays at 1pm ET, or visit the Breaking Free Show archives at YouTube.

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