The Essence of Life is Revealed through Listening

Listening is the most important life tool available to us all. When we listen to ourselves and to others we will unravel the meaning of life and we will trust ourselves, and we will experience a peaceful life.  By engaging in an ongoing listening practice we enroll ourselves into the University of Life. Our relationship with ourselves, our loved ones, and a stranger will bring us clarity, answers, freedom, and endless love. Through connecting we open up ourselves to new levels of communication and awareness/consciousness, we find strength, power, and freedom to be who we truly are.

In Marilyn’s private holistic coaching practice she helps to empower children, teens, adults, couples, families, and businesses to live and honor their truth and greatness through emotional management, communication/ listening skills, spirituality and stress management, team building, and strategic planning. When we open up to listening we unconditionally find our way. Please contact Marilyn directly at for information about coaching and to receive a complimentary session.

To begin your lifetime of independence, you can download Marilyn’s listening manifesto here for free!

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