“I met Marilyn Shannon many years ago in Raleigh, NC at a local social networking event after moving to Raleigh, and I was just beginning to meet members of our local community. As I shared my personal and professional experiences, I could tell Marilyn was immediately moved, and invested not only in my experiences, but how these experiences could transform our local and global community. Marilyn’s character of compassion and dedication to create transformation weaves through her own professional coaching, Breaking Free radio show, and creating opportunities for women to come together in support of each other.

In February 2013, my husband, Barton and I released our first memoir, Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll. Marilyn invited us to be on Breaking Free during the release celebrations. Not only did we explore themes within the book, but through curiosity and honesty, Marilyn explored questions that brought out the best in us, ultimately in a way that was able to create change and touch people’s lives across the globe.

The ripple effect of being guests on Breaking Free is still being felt. Barton is now coaching a young man from Australia, who heard Breaking Free, a clip of the video was posted on an inter-national inclusive campaign, and several personal friendships were made with other guests on Marilyn’s show.

Marilyn’s dedication to create world change by telling, exploring and learning from each one of our stories is contagious. She challenges others to break down assumptions, and her vibrant spirit benefits each and everyone of us.”