In Just One Afternoon: Listening Into the Hearts of Men

In Just One Afternoon anything is possible.  In just one afternoon a baby is born before our eyes. In just one afternoon a relationship begins, a relationship ends.  We learn a new lesson in just one afternoon about forgiveness.  In just one afternoon, peace is made between countries; we understand each other, we listen to each other and life changes forever. That is the power in just one afternoon.

The In Just One Afternoon series uncovers the reconciliation and understanding of and between, specific relationships (i.e. men, twins, siblings, husbands and wives, partners, mothers and daughters, and best friends.  Each book is a compilation of real-life inspiring stories that show what’s possible when we listen deeply into the core of someone in just one afternoon.

Each story… shows that in just one afternoon we heal, we share; we resolve a misunderstanding. In just one afternoon is a road map, and hope for peace among friends, a family and on earth. We emotionally heal in just one afternoon.

The first book titled In Just One Afternoon: Listening into the Hearts of Men takes us into the emotional awakening of men, how they feel, what they have learned, what they are working on learning, their passions, and the events and stories that lead them into their hearts, ready to share and ready to be vulnerable.

We have collaborated with 22 men who have agreed to show their hearts through their stories. Each story is its own chapter with the author adding practice tips, strategies and techniques for the readers to use in their journey to their emotional freedom. In Just One Afternoon: Listening into the Hearts of Men you will meet Jamie, who for 13 years lived as a monk in a monastery only to realize after a 3-year gut searching experience that he was missing something in his life and that was the physical love you share with another human.  He chose to leave the walls of the monastery for an emotional awakening as a man looking for famine connection.

In Just One Afternoon: Listening into the Hearts of Men you will get to know Marc.  Marc says, “It was normal practice at home for me and my siblings to be locked in our rooms at bedtime, with no access to the bathroom and a chamber pot in our rooms to relieve ourselves during the night” – literally a pot to piss in.
David a lean Hispanic young man finds himself in prison a scary place, sharing a cell with a Muslim.  In David’s words, “I shared a cell with a Muslim who led a group of men in religion’. I spent time with these men honoring them and a mutual bond was developed which led them to protect me if any trouble occurred.”
When Tom was being interviewed for his story his reaction to the title was priceless. He made a moaning sound and said ah, it feels like I’m home, thank you.
What all of these men share in just one afternoon – Listening into the Hearts Men is how much better life is when they are in their hearts. They discover the desire to express their emotions, creativity and their willingness to learn.

Through our research we see that men are waking up from childhood traumas, lack of parenting, with little or no vocabulary to express their voices, or the permission to do so.

In Just One Afternoon – Listening into the Hearts of Men is dedicated to all the men in the world who are sharing their sensitivity, their emotions, and their kindness. Our male contributors are role models, validating, and guiding their male counterparts saying it’s okay feel it, share it, and voice it.  And yes it’s the age of men too. The women that read this book will find themselves with more patience and understanding for the men in their lives. To get your copy of the ebook or paper back go to Amazon.

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