In the early 20th century, thousands of young women were enticed by high wages and prestige to work in factories that produced clocks and military instruments with dials that glowed in the dark. This fascinating, new and intriguing glowing substance was radium. On July 30, 2018 at 1pm/EST – The Breaking Free Show welcomes Kate Moore, author of “The Radium Girls,” producer Rachel Kasten, and director Jorie Slodki of the play “These Shining Lives” to join us for a Show that you’ll never forget. Kate, Rachel and Jorie bring a powerful, true story to a new generation: As members of the workforce started to get sick, the companies knew the truth yet falsely insisted that radium was safe. Only they didn’t tell the women. The women waged an epic legal battle that took their cause all the way to the US Supreme Court and changed the rules of the workplace forever. Our chat will be open and callers are welcome! TUNE IN WITH US AT: Let’s Keep the Conversations Going!