By Marilyn Shannon

I had the most extraordinary realization that I had to share.  It’s about my mother. Some of you already know her and how beautiful she is.  I have loved my mother for years, right, she is 89 and I am 61 so you know that when you have a warm, loving, close relationship of course you are living love.


I was exploring the idea of infinity with my Google Hangout panel and the notion surrounding endless everything. While we were exploring how listening opens up the unknown realm more and more, a feeling of calm came over me.  A smile quickly followed.  And I knew.

What is the connection you might ask?

Here is the story, abbreviated. I just got back from a whirlwind visit with my mother in Florida and I had the best time ever and so did she.  I am going to do my best to describe why I would like this to matter to you.  It’s profound, so bear with me.

I have always said love is love.  As I mentioned in the beginning, I love my mother dearly and in the way I understood love to be.


What does love really feel like I ask you, I am asking me too?

I never really questioned it.  I just accepted that it was love, yet I have felt that there was something more or missing, something I was holding back. There was an uncomfortable feeling that I accepted.  I figured, Why even question it? I am sure it is normal and what can be missing anyway that really matters?  It’s all good, right?  I know that I love my mother and she loves me and through our actions we show it to each other.  I feel a joyful feeling with her and had always loved being with her, etc. etc….


Some of you might laugh at this, but during our visit we ate, drank, talked, visited and really spent time together.  Something I thought I did before.  And I am sure I did, but this time was different and the result was different.  We both connected at the same time.  When you think about it, a true connection between people can only really really occur when both are ready, willing to put love first and be in the present moment  There is a space where love meets love. .


I had experienced infinite love with my mother this trip and listen, it was very different than what I had experienced with her before.  It felt complete.  I could not believe it.  It really is something else.  And the smile I told you about was this stream of feelings that came to me that I was not controlling or aware of till I felt it.

I hope you are getting the magnitude of this.  Infinite love for my mother. What a shocker.

What’s my point?

I have been evolving consciously, experiencing and living love.  I have felt it when my children were born, when I got married, when I was blessed with my grandchildren but something was different now. This new experience with love  was enhancing all the other loves in my life, spilling over into my life and juicing it all up. I was radiating love quite different –  being more in action with it than not.

I feel happier than ever, more connected to life and everyone in it.  My mother and I experienced simpler things in life this time and what came of it was infinite love.  Believe it or not, this blog has taken days to write and today is week 3  of being home.  The feeling is still alive in me. It has become a checkpoint. The realization is still there. I can tell you it’s’ something to strive for and look for and when you are in a loving relationship something to expand the relationship to.  This expanse happened with me, and it is a gauge for what is possible.  I am sharing this from my heart, as you can tell. And am very curious about your reactions, so please share.



marilyn shannon

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