One of the ways that Marilyn enjoys sharing her gift for listening is through public and private events. She is available for conferences, workshops, expos, leadership training, and so much more.
Below, you will find some of Marilyn’s upcoming events, and if you would like to schedule her to speak or present at your upcoming event, please contact us.

The People’s Opioid Summit

The opioid epidemic in America impacts people of all ages, races, and social classes. While doctors and medical professionals are working on and being educated about how this issue began and grew, everyday people whose friends and loved ones are suffering with the addiction are left unaware of available resources. With this in mind, we present The Peoples Opioid Summit, an event filled with presentations, discussions and tangible solutions for day to day dealings with this national health crisis. Our goal is to save a life by providing education and to look beyond the stigma of opioids and truly help those impacted by it.

October 9th 2020

Visit the website to learn more.