Simple yet brilliant,  we sometimes overlook the most valuable basic steps to being our most savvy and productive selves when it comes to our communication strategies.  As busy professionals, when juggling all sorts of balls, things do go awry.  The fallout can be far greater and the loss more expensive than the actual time required to perfect our communications!

I know that you work really hard and sometimes one more thing tips the scale and it becomes a burden. I am here to say that it is exactly those things that lead to more success and less work in the end.  Also keep in mind that sometimes we are going to be called upon to take care of our business communications in a way that seems to take care of the other guy more, and in the long run, we are really really really taking care of ourselves.

I am going to share what I know to be three of the most important strategies that go a long way in helping us be be productive, successful and accomplished.  They are oh-so-simple and obvious:


1.  When you are answering an email, it is OK to answer the questions in the body of the original email.   For instance, go line by line making sure you have addressed someone’s concerns, ideas etc.   Highlight your answers so the person you are communicating with knows that you take their message seriously.   This helps you both keep up with the info going back and forth, from email to email and helps you keep track of what is actually being asked.  It also prevents the necessity of writing an additional email because you forgot something.  This really saves endless time and frustrations. When you look back over the email as the conversation sometimes continues, you will quickly be reminded of the correspondence.

2.  Do your best to only keep one set list of your notes or to do’s. It is so much easier to cross them off one list and to know where the item is and which list.  If you keep it straight, you won’t have things fall through the cracks.

3.  When you are out and about networking and find yourself in an event with lots of people, when working the room a great piece of advice is to work what you can handle.  Don’t try to connect with everyone.  Make a great connection or two or even three.  How many people can you really follow up with after the event, really?  Make each connection worthwhile and make it matter. Gobbling up as many business cards as you can hold won’t do you any good.  People won’t know you.  I have found that when I keep this philosophy in mind and follow up with a few people, even if there is no response back,  the opportunity to reconnect at another event is far greater because we did connect the first time. They will know and remember me whenever we meet again and if they don’t I can remind them in a nice way.  It is so worth it.  Not everyone is great at responding and following back up.  You be at your best and you will stand out as a serious business person.  You will be remembered and your time will be well spent.  It is the quality not the quantity.


marilyn shannon

As a coach, business women, talk show host, advocate, mother, wife, and grandmother I have a lot of interests and passions. I wanted to take all of what I do and put it under one roof so to speak. That is why I created a web site in my name. As we all the know the internet is confusing at time and so so big. I have other sites but I figured it would be easier to find me by my name and then my other sites would make more sense. This site is more like an aggregate. a directory of all that I do. I will show snippets of my work. Thank you visiting, I look forward to knowing you.