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The Breaking Free Show Celebrates Its 6th Year Anniversary July 2017

For the past 6 years we have interviewed over 300 guests and produced 275 shows! 

Our audience is watching, listening and enjoying our topics covering all walks of life and business from art and spirituality to entrepreneurship, social media and science.
We cover the gamut.

We are here today because of all of you out there who support us.   You made it happen and we want to share this success with you: our loyal audience, colleagues, friends and family members.

We’ll keep on going each week and we will hit the next milestone with you.

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

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Guess Which One is Marilyn’s Mom!? with Guest:  Gloria Lipman – July 16, 2018

Gloria Lipman, host Marilyn Shannon’s 93-year old mom, joins us for her annual show visit to talk about life as a twin and the people, places and ideas that shape her views inspiring her to say “YES!” to new adventures every day.    Join us at 1pm/EST.  TUNE IN WITH US AT:   Let’s Keep the Conversations Going!



What Is So Fascinating About The Lost Colony of Roanoke? with Guest:  Andrew Lawler – June 25, 2018

Andrew Lawler, an author and expert on The Lost Colony of Roanoke, America’s oldest unsolved mystery, joins The Breaking Free Show with host Marilyn Shannon on Monday, June 25, 2018 at 1pm/EST to talk about the people, places and ideas that shape this epic American story. Join us for a fascinating look backwards and into the future of who we are. Our chat will be open and callers are welcome! TUNE IN WITH US AT: Let’s Keep the Conversations Going!


What Do Our Pets Want Us to Know? with Guest: Denise Mange – June 18, 2018

Animal communicator Denise Mange is a certified dog trainer and founder of Pet Prana.  Denise joins The Breaking Free Show with host Marilyn Shannon on Monday, June 18, 2018 at 1pm/EST to talk about our animal companions and what their behavior – barks, nips and snuggles – really mean.  Denise will also offer live readings!  The chat and phone lines will be open for your comments/questions at:  919-518-9773.  Callers are always welcome via Skype Voice at:  computers2kvoice.  TUNE IN WITH US AT:   Let’s Keep the Conversations Going!


Shamrock artists

What is the Story Behind the Art of Tattooing? with Guest:  Freddy Negrete – June 11, 2018

Legendary tattoo artist Freddy Negrete joins us live on Monday, June 11, 2018 at 1pm/EST. Best known for his pioneering black-and-gray tattoo style, honed while serving time in the California State Prison system during a youth mired in abuse, gang life, and drug addiction, Freddy has lots to share.  His life, and the lessons learned from it, are the epitome of breaking free.  Join us for an extraordinary glimpse into the life of an extraordinary man who is open to life and ready for whatever the world sends his way.  

Speaker, Author and Radio Show Host Jess Dewell on the May 14, 2018 Breaking Free Show

How are you making time for your friendships in this busy crazy fun world we live in? 

Join guest Jess Dewell and host Marilyn Shannon as they explore the power of friendship.  This unique relationship– keeps us emotionally and physically healthy, connected and living longer, more robust lives.


Craft Brewers and Entrepreneurs Rev. L.A. and Amy McCrae on the April 23, 2018 Breaking Free Show

How Does Beer Connect Us Spiritually?

Craft beer brewers Rev. L.A. + Amy McCrae have faced homophobia, racism and discrimination yet hold fast to the idea that beer can bring a community to a common table. How and why does this everyday drink continue to connect us? We’ll talk about beer, entrepreneurship, love and life and its many dimensions! 


“Teacher-Preneur” and Self-Made Millionaire, Timolin Langin on the March 26, 2018 Breaking Free Show

This Teacher Earned A Million Dollars.  Want To Know How?

 As a “Teacher-Preneur,” author Timolin Langin is not only a public school teacher but she’s also a self-made Millionaire.   How did she do it?  She joins us to share her story, her attitude about money, and is ready to teach us ways that we can all reach greater personal wealth.  


The Breaking Free Show Welcomes Guest:  Dr. Audrey Evans on February 5, 2018

What Does Vision Require?

Medical ground-breaker, education advocate and visionary Dr. Audrey Evans  pioneered cancer research, changed the future of neuroblastoma and opened one of the first Ronald McDonald Houses in America.    Recognized as a Modern Hero and a member of The Greatest Generation, she joined us on The Breaking Free Show, February 5, 2018 at 1pm/EST.


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