If you ask most people, one of their top fears is having to speak in public. Actually most of us speak publicly every day.   Maybe not in the traditional way we think of it – while standing at a podium, speaking to 100s of people – but at the coffee shop, grocery store and gas station!  Yes, it all counts as public speaking!  

Let’s look under the hood at the obvious – and not so obvious –  reasons, thoughts, and benefits for speaking as often as possible in public,  even at the gas station.  


Here is a short list of why public speaking is an entrepreneur’s “highway to heaven” to reaching greater levels of professional and personal success and satisfaction.


  1.   Consider this:  Each time you share words with another person, you are speaking in public!   In these moments, we all can have extraordinary opportunities to help, teach and share with each other. That happens in some of the most unlikely places.    If you’re an entrepreneur and in business, these are key moments.  The people you’re talking with could be your next lead, client, customer or friend.
  2.   There are so so many people – such as coaches, writers, healers, bankers, insurance agents and financial advisers, etc. – who are doing similar things.  

How do we all stand out in today’s marketplace?

It is challenging to be seen and heard.  Historically, professionals such as doctors and lawyers did not have to work at promoting their businesses. They practiced their craft. Period.  Now most professionals are out networking and speaking in public  and attending events to showcase their thoughts, techniques, innovations and their attention to their human side.  


  1.    Our lives are changing every day with the onset of new technology and the opportunities we have to enhance our job productivity. Using technology is offering an untapped arena for using our public speaking skills.  Speaking is paramount whether in a “tweet” on Twitter or in a video on Youtube.  It is our voice and whenever we use our voice and words, we are speaking publicly.


  1.    As an entrepreneur today, you must be skillful not only in your area of business expertise but also in how you market yourself and your businesses.  We are the voice for what we do and who we are.  Being unique and memorable takes a special touch. This is why speaking out about our business or niche with others is a vital point and something we must do often.  The more often we do it, the easier it gets!  


  1.    Public speaking can help us share our mission, movement, belief, writing, teaching, a singular point of view or an innovation.  


Every place we go as entrepreneurs is an opportunity to meet and talk with another person.  Whether it is face-to-face or on-line, expressing what we do and who we are in the process can be key to getting to know a new colleague, creating a new alliance and opening up a new door.

Knowing how to be laser-like in expressing yourself can make all the difference in determining your success!

6.   If for no one else, other than yourself,  just being able to express yourself, learning more about you, can change your perspective. Public speaking offers that
option regardless of who else is impacted by what you say and who you are.  You personally grow when you hear yourself!




      7.   We can’t be sure of how much of a difference we make when we share information with another person, but we can be guaranteed that at the very least, we
planted a seed.  When we speak from our heart with all good intentions, something we say will be a seed for future growth.  That you can take to the bank.  


Come from your heart, share your truth, and always do your best.  


downloadAs Maya Angelou once said:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


Help people feel something, help them leave your presence with a feeling of connection, inspiration, and that they can make a difference.   


marilyn shannon

As a coach, business women, talk show host, advocate, mother, wife, and grandmother I have a lot of interests and passions. I wanted to take all of what I do and put it under one roof so to speak. That is why I created a web site in my name. As we all the know the internet is confusing at time and so so big. I have other sites but I figured it would be easier to find me by my name and then my other sites would make more sense. This site is more like an aggregate. a directory of all that I do. I will show snippets of my work. Thank you visiting, I look forward to knowing you.