Thoughts on Writing
There is no process to my writing. When there are words to write and words to be said, that’s when I write… Each day, I do three things: 1) Post a photo; 2) Write a haiku and 3) Write a typewriter poem. Reading good writing feels like a punch in the gut. It allows you to think that you’re part of something bigger and even how big the world is, someone, somewhere gets you. That gasp is what reveals the connection between us.

I have a word that I like to think about: Lullabylicitic. It refers to words that sound like a lullabye such as the falling rain.

When I write, I take myself out of the equation. It sounds cliché, but I am the conduit to the words. I am not the conductor. There is so much need among people to control so many aspects of their lives. For me, I find that when I get out of the way, the words show up in my brain. My job is to take me out of it and get the words down.

The bad is just as beautiful as the good. People are so quick to want to move through the bad times that they lose sight of the fact that there’s just as much to learn from the bad times as the good.

I don’t allow myself to edit something that I’ve written. Editing does a dis-service to the me of 6 months ago. If I read something I wrote, bleeding out on the page I am proud because I survived the experience. I transformed the pain and heartache into something beautiful…a poem.

Thoughts About Capturing Love in Action
I love photographing weddings. I focus on the small moments of the day. Photographing a wedding can be stressful, but it’s also a day filled with love when everyone who’s present is feeling happy and joyful. It’s the best job!

Being Open to the World and Meeting People With Wonder
I think part of what makes me so open to the world is that I never graduated past being four years old. That’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

There are a billion reasons to feel alive. If you meet everyone filled with wonder, people sense that and respond to it.

Don’t ever settle. Settling is the biggest trap. It may be scary, but that’s where the joy is. Put yourself on the line.