There are invisible lines of communication all around us. It’s amazing when you open up those lines of communication. Wonderful things can happen. Marilyn began the show by sharing how she met and learned the life story of today’s show guest, Tish Vincent, during a visit to Wilmington, NC.

Tish shared that she has had many experiences and that every experience prepares you for what’s in the future. Her brother was born with Down Syndrome, her mother had Bi-Polar disorder and her father was an alcoholic. Both parents are now deceased. Tish shared that her early years were very difficult and she ended up leaving home when she was 14. She was homeless for a while, but never stole anything.

She met a man who would later become her husband and the father of her three children. He left her when she was pregnant with their 3rd child. She was 21 years old and a single mom. Her second husband, a man she thought “had it all together” was abusive and she ended up leaving the marriage with her three children, ages 5, 6, and 2, seeking shelter in a battered women’s shelter. She met another man, who she felt “had it all together” and had two children by him. This man sexually abused her daughter.

“A mother’s instinct is to protect her children. I had no hesitation. My marriage was over just like that.” Tish ended the marriage immediately and found herself a single mother of 5 children.

We had just bought a house and I ended up working 100 hours at a local power plant. I was the only female. I tried so hard, even wrote a letter to President Obama for help, but the house was foreclosed.

I am a Christian. I pray and meditate a lot. I do yoga. I am a vegan.
It took me a long time, but I realized that I wanted to deepen my practice and take the yoga certification program. During that time, I would cook and bring food to our gatherings. People loved it!

I April, I quit my government job and now I cook for people, I consult and I teach yoga. I do this full time!

It’s helped my autoimmune disease and I don’t get hungry. I eat when I’m hungry.

I love my insta pot, my food processor and my vitamix! All indispensable tools.
Marilyn: “What have you used as a guide to your parenting? You didn’t grow up with much guidance on how to go about it.”

Tish: There are so many times that God has had his hand on me my entire life. I almost died giving birth. God has instilled in me blessings of loving my kids and wanting them to have a different life than I did.

I love cooking for people. I love loving people. When I cook for people, I always pray over the food before it goes to them.

Marilyn: What’s your dream?
Tish: It is to share as much love as possible, positively influence and encourage people.