When I first started social media, it was conversation to conversation. It was text in the forums. It was about relationships.

Remember that it takes time. You are building trust. You do this by giving. Provide your audience with education, entertainment and engagement via interesting content and they’ll reach back to you. You want your audience to feel that you get them. Pepper your content between the main types of posts and you will be ready to ask for the sale, maybe once or twice a week if you are posting daily.

It’s OK to give things away. Giving is actually a form of asking.

Get better at targeting your audience with pictures, words, colors, time of day that you post and the language that you use. How you talk to people makes a big difference. Are you thinking about what they need? What problems they want to solve and how you can help them?

How do you know if something is working? You get a lot of “likes” and shares. You gets sales.

Don’t be shy about asking others to share your posts/information. Saying something like, “If this speaks to you, please share it with someone you may find it helpful.”

Be specific about who to share it with. Try this as an example: “If you have friends who are entrepreneurs who are looking to maximize their social media presence, feel free to share this article.”

When using pictures, tie the pictures into what you are selling. Tell your story in pictures. Use pictures featuring happy people, looking out. If not a happy picture, one with emotion. Don’t use a lot of text. Let the picture tell the story. Use color rather than black and white and when posting on Facebook, steer away from the color blue. Use orange and red, bright colors instead.

Instagram is a social media platform that everyone is using!

Social media has changed so much, but many of us who use it want to use it to build deeper, stronger relationships. Truly, social media is about relationships. We can use social media to recapture the element of connection we had “back in the day” provided we remember a few important things.