Traci Phillips looks at the entirety of a person’s life and treats them as a bioindividual. She looks at their relationships with what she calls “Primary Foods -” those things we “feed” ourselves other than food. To watch the recorded show, click here:

Marilyn – Introduction of guest Traci Phillips
Traci – I studied everything you need to know to be a life coach, but also over 100 types of nutritional theories and options.
Marilyn – You talk about Bioindividualism.
Traci – Yes, doctors compare us with what they have seen before. What I do is very different. I look at just the specific individual. I will do a health history. I also look beyond that. The premise is that everything is the emotional response to the issue. How do we feel about our work? Our relationships? This can also affect how and what we eat. I look at the issues, the emotions and then look at solutions.
Marilyn – Get to the emotion! You can work with them. As Traci said. You can have all the doing and the action. That’s not the issue. If you can’t wrap yourself around your worthiness or how you feel about things, how brilliant you are doesn’t matter. You have to buy into the solution emotionally for it to work.
Traci – The answers that are best for us are already inside of us. We have to be brave enough to go inside. My work, and it’s what I love about it, is about empowerment. Going from fear. We are only fearful because we don’t know. It’s not scary. The very thing that’s going to get us from knowing better to doing better is an incredible experience. It’s not about blame. It’s about present needs and how they are being met.

Marilyn – It’s like coming home again.
The ego gets a notion of the emotion. Our emotions are our greatest guides.
Our ego is important at times like in a fight or flight situation. We over apply it. We’ve been acculturated to believe things a certain way. The work is in the figuring out of what’s mine and what’s not.
Marilyn – So most of your work is figuring out what’s your stuff and what’s been passed down.
Traci – It’s all an illusion before we pick it up and take it as ours.
Traci – Different programs for different people. Online but not necessarily. Holistic health coaches, like myself,
At around age 12, I didn’t want the world to see me. Now, I’m OK. I went from 12 to feeling badly about myself.
Marilyn – How would you describe yourself now?
Traci – I come from the heart. My heart is always to serve with intention and love and provide a space for love. I see people’s shiny-ness. I embrace people so they can see those things.
I am a catalyst. As I heal my me, I also see myself as an individual cell. I am happy being my piece. I am OK being who I am. I am an important piece of a whole.
I love what God has given me.
Physically, I love my eyes and smile.
Traci – I am not afraid to go inside and tap my resources to figure out what’s right and authentic for me. I am grateful for the times when I have been challenged.
Marilyn – Traci spoke about the awareness. It’s how we’re showing up. We have this awareness. We open up even if it’s a breath at a time. Whatever it is. It’s how are you showing up. Do I want to keep it? Not being so attached to the things that you want to change as being wrong. It’s enlightenment.
Traci – We really need to let ourselves know that it’s OK to be happy and reach for what we want. It’s what we are supposed to do here. Which one is better?
There are challenges there because people think it’s supposed to be easier than it is.
Marion – Words have power. Shame doesn’t have to have the weight that we give it. Same with the word fear. It takes work and choices. That’s where the choices come in.
The ego wants to protect us, but it also wants to know who is in charge. That’s where the intuition comes in.
We are having great energy here!
One of the things that connected us is that Traci works with men. Traci, can you expand on that? What is it about men?
Traci – If I look back, all of my best friends in childhood were males. I look at my time with children as a teacher and know that it prepared me for what I do now. It was one of the greatest things that I have done. I was able to witness boys grow. I worked with them as a French teacher in elementary school at an all-boys school.
I started to wonder, during my training, where all the men were.
I ask lots of questions in the beginning. I had a men’s group. I had a conference call. Where do you see the role of emotions in your life? Each of the men shared. One of them said, “It doesn’t play a role at all. I wasn’t taught that it was important.”
If I feel that our emotions are the portal to our authenticity, what does it mean for someone who won’t see it at all?
So much of a man’s role is based on provider and fixer. Where is there room for failure? Where is there room to be vulnerable?
I started to understand. IT’s not that men don’t want to get into this type of work. It goes against the grain of what they learned about being a man.
I have gained such an appreciation for boys. In middle school, the boys are expected to move in a direction – and this is only in generality – they become more of an island. They aren’t supposed to admit they don’t know. Who will they go to bounce things off of? They should be able to, like any other human being, talk about their feelings.
Marilyn- Who were you told you could and couldn’t be?
T – We need to take responsibility and draw the line of discernment, especially of the ego. We are in charge. I love that you said that, Marilyn.
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Traci Philips, owner of That Certain Way To Wellness, offers Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coaching that assists individuals to find the wellness within by GOAL setting, ACTION planning & aligning their CORE VALUES with the daily CHOICES they make. Traci specializes in nutrition, authentic eating strategies, weight management & empowerment training, and is also the founder of Wellness of Chatham, a group that meets to discuss topics concerning health and well-being. A native of Denver, Colorado, Traci is truly passionate about helping people make connections between what they put into their bodies & minds and their daily vitality.

Chris Rinehart
Co-Producer/The Breaking Free Show– Online Television

Marilyn Shannon
Coach – Life/Business/Children/Teens/Adults
Host – The Breaking Free Show – Online Television
Superior Court Mediator
Co-founder Women’s Power Networking
Marilyn Shannon is the founder of Dialogue, Inc., her highly regarded private coaching practice dedicated to helping people explore and expand on every facet of their lives and guiding them to new levels of creativity, intellectual vitality, emotional well-being, and personal freedom. Marilyn is also the host of her Internet TV show, Breaking Free.
Marilyn also is the founder of ReEnchant Planet Earth. ReEnchant seeks to simplify the way we live and do business. It does so by highlighting, sharing, creating and honoring programs and projects that will return the planet to its natural state of tranquility and beauty already present on earth. Reenchant celebrates the awakening of each global citizen who endeavors to build effective, peaceful and loving connections with others and for our planet.
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Phone: 919-362-7133


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