How many of us are sitting on an idea, something that is needed and wanted by many? How do we take that idea and turn it into a viable business? On this week’s Breaking Free Show, Wendy Manasse of Quenchwear joined us to talk about how she got started and where she is going. Use this link to watch the show in its entirety:
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Marilyn – Intro

Wendy – I got my start in swimwear and learned that most of fashion is shallow, especially the swim wear world.  I started Quenchwear in 2007 and it fills a need for women. It’s not about crazy magazine stuff. It’s real and it really is the psychology of dressing.

I used to work in swimwear and did so right out of college. The body really does change and do things as you age, but then you start living it. My friends’ bodies were changing and so was mine! Quenchwear was born because of that. I have a pool. I live in CA. At my age, you’re not really going to run around in a skin tank and leggings to be comfortable. That’s how Quenchwear was born. We will never be on the cover of Vogue, but we fill a need for women of a certain age.

I always say that “Once you get it, you get it.” Quenchwear becomes the foundation of our customer’s wardrobe. We are selective. We are thoughtful. We put cups in our tops for coverage in tops like halters. That way, women don’t have to look for bra options that may or may not work well with their body and needs for breast coverage and support.
In the beginning, I found that women really did get it.

Retail can handle different, but only after it is proven. I decided to grass roots it.
Women ask each other all the time if they like what another is wearing and they don’t know, but want to know. One woman tells another woman. That’s how it works with Quenchwear. It’s not mass marketed.

Women don’t ask, “Are you wearing Lulu Lemon?” No, they say “Wow, you look great! What are you wearing?”

Marilyn – If you have an idea, it can be done.  How did you do it?

Wendy – One of the most important things to do is make sure to do your math.  Calculate the cost of everything and then charge for it.  So often, people don’t factor in all of the costs or end up losing profits because they haven’t priced correctly based on the cost sheet.  I look at cost sheets all the time!  Know your math or find someone who does.  It’s important.

Wendy – Yes, thanks to Quenchwear, people have written to tell me that they have had the courage to go into the water for the first time in years!

Others have written to me because they have found a way through our clothing to look good while they are improving their lives.

The most rewarding part of Quenchwear is the personal, 1:1 stories that I hear from people.
Michelle from the chat asked, “What is the most rewarding part of what she does? What is it that makes her do what she does day after day?”

Wendy – What I put into the clothes, I get out. I love what I do!

‹Michelle› She transforms people! Quenchware could be considered a new form of psychotherapy!


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Guest Wendy Manasse originates from the suburbs of Chicago where her love of designing apparel began. She graduated from Stephens College with a BFA in fashion design and went on to designing and merchandising women’s swimwear for top brands like Jantzen, Catalina, Anne Cole, Ralph Lauren and many private labels… including creating the Miracle Bra Swimwear.
After 20 plus years, Wendy left corporate swimwear to create product, that fills a big void in today’s offering…clothing fit for a woman’s body that can be customized for her lifestyle.
Started in 2007, Quenchwear gives women the solution for looking and feeling great with their bodies…no matter what they’re doing.
Contact Wendy here:

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Marilyn Shannon
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Marilyn Shannon is the founder of Dialogue, Inc., her highly regarded private coaching practice dedicated to helping people explore and expand on every facet of their lives and guiding them to new levels of creativity, intellectual vitality, emotional well-being, and personal freedom. Marilyn is also the host of her Internet TV show, Breaking Free.
Marilyn also is the founder of ReEnchant Planet Earth. ReEnchant seeks to simplify the way we live and do business. It does so by highlighting, sharing, creating and honoring programs and projects that will return the planet to its natural state of tranquility and beauty already present on earth. Reenchant celebrates the awakening of each global citizen who endeavors to build effective, peaceful and loving connections with others and for our planet.
Contact Marilyn at: or by phone: 919-362-7133
Phone: 919-362-7133

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