Join the Zoom revolution! Millions of people are using the Zoom platform to host meetings, share information and link partners regardless of where in the world. I have used Zoom for over 2 years now and can tell you that the images are clear, the sound quality is excellent, the videos play well, we can see each other, we don’t usually drop calls and it has helped me grow my business.

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Chakra Colouring Book and Course by Margherita – WHERE HEART TOUCHES MATTER –

As adults, we live busy lives and shoulder important responsibilities.  It’s important to remember to take the time to play.   This lovely color book is an opportunity for you to take a break from the “real world” to play with your senses, spend time using the creative side of your brain and have fun remembering what it’s like to be a kid.  And for those of you interested in learning more about chakras and what it takes to keep them healthy, this is a great resource!   

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