AdvertisingCan Online Television Grow Your Business?

This is the most exciting way to share your uncensored business content, emotion and message with your audience – globally.

Online TV uses digital technologies to broadcast its signal that reach audiences without boundaries or restrictions.  

 The Breaking Free Show Opportunity With 8000 + Views

The Breaking Free Show, hosted by Marilyn Shannon, has been streaming live each week since 2010 on the Nissan Communications Network and consistently attracts over 8000 live views during each show and 2000 in the recorded show.  Nissan offers a wide variety of programming streaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to 7 different CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) around the world.  With OVER 40,000 live views/week, Nissan has been at the forefront of this New Media advantage since 2007 continuing to invest in new technology such as  HD.   

The Breaking Free Show brings people together interested in business, health/medicine, family, technology, current events and social justice.  The audience is comprised of adult men and women, ages 35+.   Weekly guests offer a wide circle of influence and market through social media outlets like Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The Breaking Free Show  viewers are offered an opportunity to comment on and discuss a wide variety of topics through our live chat, Skype voice participation, and a designated phone line open during the show. 

Channel Advertising


  • Virtual Banner Ad:  Will rotate throughout the Nissan Channel.  Live views 20,000 + each week.  The channel is on 24/7 and the banner will rotate throughout the month during each show.  
  • Three Advertising Facebook Posts: Prior to the live Breaking Free Show broadcast, posts will be added to the following Facebook pages: The Breaking Free Show, Nissan Communications Channel, and Marilyn Shannon. You will need to provide the ad.  
  • Verbal Testimonial During The Breaking Free Show:  A testimonial, given with a personal touch by Marilyn Shannon, will be shared with the live audience once each week during the live show and also in the show replays, which are posted on Youtube, Facebook, and on the Marilyn Shannon website:  
  • Print Advertisement and Blog/Article in Thee Talking Stick Monthly Newsletter (Current Distribution 2000):  This blog or article will need to be provided by you, the advertiser or sponsor.*
  • Twitter:  We’ll tweet your participation and product or service 2x a week.  Our exposure on Twitter is 6000 and growing.

This advertising opportunity with The Breaking Free Show offers consistency and value.

Our Promise to You:

We personally guarantee that we will hand-hold each message.   


*This advertising package is available for  $200 a month.  

*Purchase 6 months and pay in full for $1000 (6 months). This is $200 savings bringing your monthly cost to an investment of $166.00.

*Please note:  We are not able to edit nor provide graphic design services.  

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